Terms of Service Updates – October 2021

This article is intended to provide a summary of recent updates made to the Italic Terms of Service. The most substantive changes were regarding Italic Credits and a notice for New Jersey residents.

Italic Credits. The credit program allows customers to earn credits that can be used to purchase products from Italic. The credit program terms outline how customers can earn credits, how to use credits, and how credits are impacted with regard to returns/exchanges. In addition, we've included a table of ways in which credits and discounts function:

Credits Discounts
  • Credits can apply to tax
  • Credits impact the total order amount, instead of individual order items
  • Credits can expire
  • Credits function as a payment source and are automatically applied to your cart by default (with the option to remove)
  • Credits will always be in U.S. Dollars

  • Discounts never apply to tax
  • Discounts may apply to an order subtotal, or to specific line items
  • Discounts can expire
  • Discounts are sometimes (but not always) automatically applied to your cart (with the option to remove)
  • Discounts may have additional requirements (e.g. purchase minimum)


New Jersey Notice. If you are a resident of New Jersey, Sections 12.A (Disclaimer) and 14 (Limitations of Liability) are intended to be only as broad as is permitted under the law of the state of New Jersey. If any portion of these sections is held to be invalid under New Jersey law, the invalidity of such portion shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the applicable sections.

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